The Majares Stronghold

The Adventure Begins
session 1

Approaching the stronghold

  • The PCs individually answer a request for help sent out by a human named Vin, they meet in a small town and once assembled, are led to a caravan located far from any of the maintained traveling roads.
  • They are directed to an elf and a dwarf, who introduce themselves as Elessar and Farbir Bofzak, the two leaders of an expedition to an abandoned dwarf stronghold which they believe to still hold rare and expensive treasures. They also explain that the inital scouting party has not returned to camp after the allotted time of one week. They request that the PCs investagate the delay, and that they will be compensated for their assistance.
  • The party sets out the following morning, with Vin and Farbir joining them. The stronghold comes into view, a narrow dirt path emerges from a break in the treeline and snakes its way to the base of a small hill. All around the hill no trees grow, a light fog floats across an open field surrounding the stronghold. The party makes out the shapes of rusty armor and weapons under the fog and were about to investigate but are told not to enter or touch the mist by Bob, the party’s defender (for unknown reasons, he had a bad feeling about it).
  • They push open a stone door at the top of the mountain and enter the stronghold, and are immediately confronted by several goblins who are waiting in the enormous grand hall.

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